We love our OWNERS here at the Georgian Inn. With just over 5000 unit weeks available overall, there are plenty of options for us to match you with a week that suits your vacationing schedule and budget.

Our goal is for our owners to be happy and proud that THIS is their vacation destination . . . their Home Away From Home.



The Georgian Inn Units Available For Purchase
Please contact sales, ext. 1oo5 if you are interested in purchasing any units listed here.
Subject to change.

  1. 1. Available to owners and non-owners.  However, owners who are locked out or are in the process of foreclosure or who have been delinquent in payment of fees in the last 5 years are ineligible.
  2.  In the event of interest in the same unit by multiple parties, the earliest received offer will prevail.
  3. The Board reserves the right to refuse any and all offers.
  4. Closing costs and resort transfer fee will be paid BY THE BUYER. Closing costs is $200.00 (per deed, to include title insurance.) Resort transfer fee is: $150.00.
  5. Annual maintenance is billed and payable on the first of the year. Late fees assessed on accounts more than 30 days past due. Lockout of unit will occur without full payment.
  6. The year in which a buyer takes occupancy, the maintenance must be paid for that year.
  7. Maintenance fees are extremely reasonably priced, but may change.
  8. Penthouse unit 801 has 875 sqft. Penthouse unit 802 has 1900 sqft. The annual fees for those units are double that of an efficiency unit. Penthouse occupants/owners have the exclusive use of the 8th floor sundeck.
  9. We do not offer financing.
  10. This is a deeded property.
  11. We have cooperative affiliations with RCI and II.
  12. Payment must be in the form of a personal check, money order, cashier's check, Visa or Mastercard. Sorry no cash.
  13. BUYER is responsible to read and understand the full text and rules governing this sale.

Highlighted items indicate that units are for sale by owner


BUNKROOM units ending in -17
SEACABIN OCEANFRONT (OFSC) units ending in -02, -04, -06, -10, -12 (does NOT     include 802)
SEACABIN OCEANVIEW (OVSC) units ending in -14, -16
STATEROOM OCEANFRONT (OFSR) units endingin -01, -03, -05, -07, -09, -11 (does NOT include 801)
STATEROOM OCEANVIEW (OVSR) units ending in -13, -15
801 PH801 - small penthouse, sleeps 6 - NO balcony
802 PH802 - large penthouse, sleeps up to 10 - large balcony